Bring the Healing Power of Sound Into Your Meditation Practice
with a Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl Set
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"The Perfect Addition to Your Altar
and Daily Meditation Practice"
"Vibrations and Sounds from the Singing Bowls
Have a Healing Effect on the Mind, Body and Spirit"
Meditation singing bowl is made of premium hand hammered brass. 

Meditation singing bowl is accompanied by a mahogany wooden striker and hand sewn mat.

Set of 20 Tibetan Prayer Flags
[A $14.99 Value] Included with Purchase
  •  Symbolic Colors: Each color represents a different element. Blue symbolizes sky/space, Red symbolizes fire, Green symbolizes water, Yellow symbolizes earth, White symbolizes air/wind.
  • Large Flags: Set includes twenty 10 x 5.9 Inch Prayer Flags
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